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Karl Lacey


Director of LBS Businss Development Services

Quotes from some LBS customers:


"Karl approached me at the start of 2014 offering a variety of services which included business development, company infrastructure and business assistance. With the exception of a Summer break due to excessive work, I have continued to use Karl's services.



In summary, Karl has been excellent at not only obtaining new clients, but managing and meeting expectation of existing clients. In addition, Karl always delivery 100% to his word and organizes me in an efficient and effective manner and as a small business, he has taken away work which is not akin to my skillsets. This has given me the confidence to run my business but I know that someone has always got my back covered".


"In the first month of activity, you have paid for your services at least tenfold!"


"Thank you for your services Karl; through your input we gained access to a number of new customers and projects as well as managing existing quotations through to fruition.


Although I was dubious about the effectiveness of business development in general; I must say that for future campaigns I would have no hesitation in using your services".


Karl has an extensive entrepreneurial background working in multiple industries leaving a unequivocal record for high impact business development, control, growth, sustainability and stability.


He has worked with small to medium enterprises for over 15 years developing new and existing businesses to achieve their respective financial goals.


Highly skilled in business development (telephone/face to face)


  • Scalability of professionalism
  • Excellent historical performance of attracting both SMEs and Corporate companies alike
  • Solid business skills and decision making process
  • Core understanding of business operations, processes and legalities
  • Negotiation
  • Transparent, creative and innovative


Key Achievements


Turned an independent ISP provider into a highly profitable organization (absorbed by PlusNet)


Attracted key clients to a technology company 'desap' (ATTIK, Ptarmigan, Brahm, The Whole Caboodle, Eldon Design) attracting clients such as: Yorkshire County Cricket Club, York Racecourse and the Trafford Centre


Obtained access to key projects within the design company Arcmaster and managing projects through companies such as: ASDA Walmart, DTZ, Peel Holdings and Formula 1 (plus many more)


Turned a print company Digipaint from a start up business to a £250,000 per annum turnover business


The only individual to have successfully sold high value artwork (up to the value of £125,000) over the telephone for a prolonged period of time in the UK.


Expanded an art company to establish one of its greatest assets worldwide artist "Todd White" who was the official painter for Coca Cola light, the official artist of the Grammy Awards 2007 and encouraged expansion of the value of his originals to the value of £125,000 in the UK alone.


Worked closely with museum artist Graham Short (miniature artist - who developed his life's work 'The Hand of God' the Lord's Prayer engraved on the head of a pin valued at £1,000,000)


Developed Tech Centre Ltd to be the largest independent technology repairer in the UK and obtained key clients such as: Toys R Us, Grainger Games, Cash Converters, Cash Generators, CEX, Game, Gamestation and many others.


Developed networks of art galleries in both United Kingdom and United States for artist Gabe Leonard.


Stabilized a framing business through direct business development and management which was about to close.


Increased overall net sales for an electrical subcontractor by 20% per annum within six months, by working two days per week through principle contractors, estate agents, architects. Further increased exposure exponentially with two months work the following year accessing well over fifty new projects.


Formulated and strategically placed a construction company as the region's leader in multi-disciplined sub contracting services. Established company infrastructure, sales, marketing, project, health and safety and environment processes Developed relationships with key clients such as: Wates Construction, Galliford Try, Barr Holdings, Storey Homes, Balfour Beatty, Henry Boot and other companies such as: Wildgoose Construction, George Hurst & Sons, Profile Builders and York St John's University.


Core Skills


  • Business Management
  • Business Development (Sales & Relationship Development)
  • Telesales / Telemarketing
  • Marketing
  • Credit Control
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Leadership




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